I have been capturing moments in time with a paintbrush for as long as I can remember. Though I use nearly all-artistic mediums, acrylic painting is my favorite. Its quick drying time is well suited to my lifestyle of farming and owning multiple pets. Attracted to color, acrylics allow me the ability to create any color that I desire.

I produce my work instinctively using my brush to paint what I see and feel. Despite a lack of formal art education, this approach has been successful for me. I have been custom painting for people for the past 32 years after receiving my first order request at 14 years old. I have been in several juried shows and have had solo shows. I have won numerous awards. I also illustrated an award-winning book. I show and sell my paintings and photographs at Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy in Brunswick, Maine, where I work as a physical therapist.

My experiences of farming, living with Chronic Lyme Disease, and parenting a child with a serious medical condition have influenced my work. I have a heightened awareness of the preciousness of life, a greater appreciation of beauty and a sense of urgency to share this with others.

As I paint, the process inspires me. I love the joy of the moment each blank white canvas "comes alive." My goal as an artist is to reveal and permanently capture moments in time that myself and others feel are significant, beautiful or memorable. I hope to continue to create images for as long as I live.

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